Scotland in Union - campaigning to keep Scotland part of the UK

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If so then join the majority.

In 2014, Scotland spoke. In a fair, democratic and decisive referendum we voted to stay part of the United Kingdom. Poll after poll has confirmed we still want to stay and don’t want another referendum.

But Scotland is being ignored by our politicians. The threats of another divisive referendum are growing louder and louder.

It’s time we made our voices heard. The best way to send a message is by signing up to our campaign. If we can speak as one voice, they can ignore us no more.

You can act now to help our campaign win — by reaching out to your friends and family across the country and bringing them on board.

Only by driving down support for independence can we force them to back off. You can help achieve this by sharing this campaign message with your friends and family and encourage them to sign up online. 

Together, we can create a united Scotland.

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